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Dubai’s Luxury Property Market: Dh500 Million Penthouse Sets Record

The recent sale of a Palm Jumeirah penthouse for a record-breaking Dh500 million demonstrates Dubai's ultra-luxury residential property prices' rising trajectory.

Dubai’s ultra-luxury residential property prices continue their upward trajectory, as evidenced by the recent sale of a Palm Jumeirah penthouse for a record-breaking Dh500 million. 

The persisting demand in the market showcases a consistent appetite for opulent residences.

Magnificent Features of the Penthouse:

Spanning an impressive 21,949 square feet, the five-bedroom Como Residences penthouse boasts cutting-edge home automation systems and exclusive access via a private elevator. 

Its most captivating feature lies in its breathtaking panoramic views of the Dubai skyline through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Surpassing the earlier record of Dh420 million held by Marsa Al Arab, this recent sale may soon be surpassed by the Dh750-million Sky Mansion Penthouse at Bugatti Residences. 

The demand for such extravagant properties remains high among affluent individuals from regions like Europe, East Asia, and Gulf countries.

Strong Demand for Ultra-Luxury Properties:

Post-pandemic, Dubai’s ultra-luxury property market has experienced an exceptional surge, witnessing increased purchases exceeding Dh100 million. 

The emirate attracts a steady inflow of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, contributing to the market’s vitality.

Dubai’s $10 million-plus homes market has notably strengthened, with 88 sales in Q1 2023 and 219 deals in 2022 above the $10 million price point.

This performance cements Dubai as the world’s fourth busiest luxury homes market.

Ranking in Global Penthouse Sales:

The Como Residences penthouse secures the third position among the most expensive penthouses globally, with One Hyde Park in London and Odeon Tower Penthouse in Monaco claiming the second and first positions, respectively.

Sam Horani, the associate partner of Provident Estate, reflects on the sale’s historical significance, defining the Como Residences Penthouse as an enduring symbol of luxury in Dubai’s real estate landscape.

Anticipated Completion and Impact:

The Dh500-million penthouse is slated for completion in the third quarter of 2027, poised to stand as a hallmark of luxury and exclusivity for generations to come.

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