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Dubai’s Innovative Road Naming Initiative: Empowering Residents to Suggest Names

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A New Approach to Naming Streets

Dubai is introducing an innovative initiative that allows residents to participate in the naming of roads. The Dubai Road Naming Committee, led by Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality and Chairman of the Committee, announced this new methodology, which combines names and numbers to identify roads. This approach aims to simplify navigation for motorists and visitors in the city.

Inaugural Phase in Al Khawaneej 2

The initiative’s first phase was implemented in the Al Khawaneej 2 area, where streets were named after local trees and flowers, such as Al Ghaf Street. Other names include Al Sidr, Basil, Al Faghi, Al Samr, and Al Sharish. This naming strategy is designed to reflect the emirate’s distinctive identity, cultural legacy, and future aspirations.

Concept of Inference in Road Naming

The Committee has adopted the concept of inference in developing the naming process. This means that names, roadside signs, and other site-specific features will be linked to help visitors mentally associate with the location. The new titles will be conveyed through distinctive road signs, aiding in the seamless location of various destinations and establishments.

Community Involvement in Naming Roads

In an unprecedented move, the Dubai Road Naming Committee will offer residents a chance to suggest names for new roads. This community-inclusive approach will commence in upcoming phases of the initiative, with the Committee announcing the start of such procedures in the respective areas.

Enhancing City’s Mobility and Identity

This new method of naming streets is part of Dubai’s ongoing efforts to enhance mobility across the city. By involving community members in the naming process, Dubai is further cementing its reputation as a city that values innovation, community engagement, and cultural preservation.

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