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Dubai’s Innovative Leap: Driverless Pods and Solar-Powered Rail Bus System

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Transforming Urban Mobility with Cutting-Edge Technology

Dubai, January 19, 2024 – Dubai, a city synonymous with innovation and futuristic visions, is set to take a significant leap in urban transportation. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the development of two groundbreaking transportation solutions: a ‘platoon of driverless pods’ and a solar-powered rail bus system. These initiatives are part of Dubai’s ongoing commitment to enhance its mass transit network with sustainable and efficient technologies.

Floc Duo Rail System: A Game-Changer in Public Transit

The RTA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UK-based Urban.Mass to develop the Floc Duo Rail system. This system represents a paradigm shift in public transit, featuring driverless, electric-powered pods moving on an elevated track. Unlike traditional transit systems that require extensive earthworks and large stations, the Floc Duo Rail system boasts a light infrastructure, consuming less concrete and steel. It is designed for rapid installation, offering a flexible and efficient solution to urban mobility.

Solar-Powered Rail Bus: Towards a Greener Future

In collaboration with US-based Rail Bus Inc., the RTA is also developing a solar-powered rail bus system. This system highlights Dubai’s dedication to environmental sustainability. The solar-powered rail buses are small, driverless electric vehicles that run on elevated tracks. Their lightweight and flexible nature allows them to be integrated seamlessly into various urban environments. This system aims to provide operationally efficient transportation while significantly reducing the infrastructure costs compared to a metro system.

Key Features and Impact

  1. Zero Carbon Emission: Both the driverless pods and solar-powered rail buses are designed for zero carbon emission, aligning with Dubai’s commitment to combating climate change.
  2. Capacity and Efficiency: The Floc Duo Rail system can transport between 1,000 and 16,000 riders per hour per direction, making it suitable for cities with populations ranging from 200,000 to 10 million.
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions: The solar-powered rail bus system is expected to cost less than 20 percent of a traditional metro system for the same length and capacity, offering a cost-effective solution for mass transit.


Dubai’s foray into driverless pods and solar-powered rail bus systems is not just a technological advancement but a bold step towards sustainable urban development. These initiatives reflect the city’s commitment to pioneering smart, eco-friendly transportation solutions, setting a benchmark for cities worldwide.

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