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Dubai’s Iconic Sheikh Zayed Road Neighbourhood Renamed: A New Chapter in the City’s Evolving Landscape

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Dubai, January 14, 2024 – In a significant move reflecting Dubai’s dynamic growth and evolving identity, the Dubai Land Department has announced a major renaming initiative that affects 28 key areas in the city, including the prestigious Sheikh Zayed Road neighbourhood. The world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, now lends its name to this bustling area, marking a new era for the emirate’s urban landscape.

A New Identity for Key Areas

Among the notable changes, Motor City has been rechristened as Al Hebiah First, Sports City as Al Hebiah Fourth, and Al Quoz 2 as Ghadeer Al Tair. These changes are part of a broader initiative to streamline and modernize Dubai’s geographical nomenclature, enhancing the city’s global appeal and navigational ease for residents and visitors alike.

Sheikh Zayed Road, a landmark thoroughfare that hosts a range of apartments, offices, and hotel accommodations, is especially significant due to its proximity to renowned landmarks and key areas like Downtown, Business Bay, JLT, and Dubai Marina. The rebranding to Burj Khalifa neighbourhood celebrates the iconic 830-metre tower that has been a symbol of Dubai’s ambition and architectural ingenuity.

The Reason Behind the Renaming

While the exact reasons for these name changes have not been fully disclosed, they align with Dubai’s recent announcement of a new mechanism for naming roads, aimed at celebrating local heritage and natural elements. The initiative’s first phase saw roads in Al Khawaneej 2 named after local trees and flowers, such as Al Ghaf Street, symbolizing a deeper connection with the emirate’s cultural and environmental roots.

Implications and Future Outlook

This renaming initiative is expected to impact various sectors, including real estate, tourism, and local governance. The rebranded areas will likely see a shift in market dynamics, influencing investor and consumer behavior. Moreover, these changes reflect Dubai’s continual transformation and adaptation, reinforcing its status as a global metropolis that honors its heritage while embracing modernity.


Dubai’s decision to rename 28 areas, including the Sheikh Zayed Road neighbourhood, marks a significant moment in the city’s ongoing journey of growth and reinvention. As the cityscape evolves, these new names will become part of the everyday lexicon, symbolizing Dubai’s commitment to progress and innovation.

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