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Dubai’s History: Abra Ride and Al Shindagah Cultural District Tour

Dubai Culture provides a mesmerising abra ride that takes residents and tourists on an interactive journey through the history of Dubai.

Dubai Culture introduces a captivating abra ride offering residents and tourists an immersive journey through Dubai’s history, from its origins as a fishing village to its evolution into a global metropolis.

Historic Abra Ride Along Dubai Creek:

Embark on an hour-long ferry ride from Al Shindagah Museum’s pier, guided by experts narrating Dubai’s early days. 

Experience a nostalgic connection to the past while cruising along Dubai Creek, witnessing the city’s development from various vantage points.

Guides onboard share insights on Bur Dubai’s architecture, Shindagah, Fahidi, Al Seef’s redevelopment, the significance of mosques, and the construction of Al Maktoum Bridge, offering a comprehensive understanding of Dubai’s historical and architectural landmarks.

Exploring Al Shindagah Cultural District:

Disembark and explore Al Shindagah Museum’s 21 meticulously curated houses, depicting Dubai’s evolution with mud bricks and coral rocks. 

Explore the Al Maktoum Residence, offering a glimpse into the lives of the Royals during the city’s formative years.

Preserving Heritage and Cultural Traditions:

Al Shindagah Cultural District showcases Dubai’s evolution and highlights the preservation of cultural heritage, inviting visitors to appreciate traditions and the city’s rich history.

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