Dubai’s Global Village: VIP packs sold out within a day

Hidden in one of the groups is a ‘golden cheque’ worth Dh28,000 to mark the attraction’s 28th season, which starts on October 18.

VIP Packs Go on Sale

Dubai’s Global Village, a popular family entertainment destination, recently released VIP packs for its upcoming 28th season, scheduled to commence on October 18. These VIP packs, which offered exclusive privileges and experiences, became available for purchase on Saturday.

Record-Breaking Sales 

In an impressive feat, the Global Village VIP packs achieved a record-breaking sellout within a remarkably short time frame. 

The announcement of the sellout was made through the Global Village’s social media platform, where they shared the news that “All of the VIP packs have sold out!” This remarkable achievement underscores the excitement and anticipation surrounding the upcoming season.

Golden Cheque Hidden in VIP Packs 

One of the highlights of this year’s VIP packs is the inclusion of a special ‘golden cheque’ worth Dh28,000. This golden cheque serves as a celebratory gesture for the attraction’s 28th season and adds an element of surprise and excitement for lucky purchasers.

Package Details 

The VIP packs were available for purchase online through the Virgin Megastore Tickets website. Here’s a breakdown of the various VIP pack options and their prices:

  • Diamond VIP Packs: Dh7,000
  • Platinum Packs: Dh2,950
  • Gold Packs: Dh2,250
  • Silver Packs: Dh1,750

The availability and diversity of these VIP packages provided visitors with the opportunity to choose the experience that best suits their preferences and budget, contributing to the rapid sellout.

The overwhelming demand for Global Village’s VIP packs reflects the enduring popularity of this iconic Dubai attraction and the eagerness of visitors to make the most of their experience during the upcoming season.

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