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Dubai’s Elaborate Security & Management Plan for New Year’s Eve

Dubai authorities have released a comprehensive security plan for New Year's Eve celebrations at 32 places across the city.

Dubai authorities revealed an extensive security blueprint for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, encompassing 32 locations across the city. The plan, divided into four sectors, aims to ensure safe and organized festivities.

Security Committee’s Role and Divisions:

Comprising 55 entities, the Events Security Committee delineated sectors – North, Central, West, and Maritime – to effectively manage celebrations. 

Firework displays are scheduled across prominent locations, including Burj Khalifa, The Beach, Bluewaters, Palm Jumeirah, and Kite Beach, focusing on ensuring safety and preventing congestion.

The committee arranged six viewing screens to accommodate workers in coordination with the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs. 

These designated viewing areas with food services aim to provide attendees a safe and enjoyable experience while alleviating city congestion.

Emphasizing Safety Measures:

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Dubai Police’s assistant commandant for operations affairs and committee chairman, emphasized the collaborative efforts of all entities to maximize security measures. 

He urged public cooperation, adherence to traffic guidelines, and immediate contact with Dubai Police in emergencies.

A substantial deployment of nearly 12,000 personnel, including police officers, patrols, civil defense, and ambulance vehicles, is planned across Dubai and Hatta. Road closure times and enhanced public transport services have been outlined for smoother traffic management.

Municipality’s Vigilance & Services:

Dubai Municipality’s comprehensive plan includes deploying over 2,700 teams across celebration sites to ensure cleanliness, oversee festivities, and manage waste removal. Special attention will be given to popular spots, parks, and beaches.

Health and safety teams, food safety inspectors, and beach security units will monitor compliance with safety standards, food establishments, and park management. 

Dubai Civil Defence will deploy firefighters, while Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services will station numerous ambulances, paramedics, and supervisors at strategic locations.

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