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Dubai’s Driverless Taxis Hit the Streets in Jumeirah 1

The introduction of autonomous taxis on the streets of Jumeirah 1 by Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) marks a major achievement.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced driverless taxis to the streets of Jumeirah 1, marking a significant milestone. 

However, these autonomous taxis are in the trial phase, which means they are not yet available for passenger use, and safety drivers remain behind the wheel.

RTA’s Strategic Objectives:

The trial run represents a crucial step towards achieving RTA’s strategic objectives, aiming to make the Middle East and North Africa’s first autonomous transportation system a success. It also contributes to Dubai’s pioneering role in autonomous mobility within the region.

Successful Data Collection and Testing:

The successful launch of autonomous taxis results from collaborative efforts between RTA and Cruise, a US-based self-driving technology company, and a General Motors (GM) subsidiary. The testing and data collection efforts have progressed from closed test tracks to real-world trials.

Limited Passenger Access Expected Soon:

While no passengers are allowed during the current trial phase, it is anticipated that select individuals will have the opportunity to ride in Cruise’s autonomous taxis by the end of the year. Full commercial operations are scheduled to commence in the second half of 2024.

Fare and Fleet Expansion Plans:

The pricing structure for self-driving taxis is yet to be determined. Still, it is expected to be competitive with Dubai’s limo taxi fares, typically 30% higher than regular taxis. 

RTA plans to expand the autonomous taxi fleet in the Jumeirah area in the coming year and gradually deploy around 4,000 driverless cabs throughout Dubai by 2030 as part of its Smart Self-Driving Transport Strategy. 

This initiative aims to transform a quarter of mobility journeys across the city into smart and driverless journeys by 2030.

Cruise’s Role and Technology:

Cruise, operating autonomous taxis in partnership with RTA, uses Chevrolet Bolt vehicles, which are all-electric and emission-free. 

These vehicles have advanced sensor technology, including LiDAR, cameras, and radars, to navigate Dubai’s streets safely and efficiently.

Introducing autonomous taxis in Dubai’s Jumeirah 1 area is a significant step towards realizing the city’s autonomous transportation vision and enhancing mobility options for residents and visitors.

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