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Dubai’s DET and P&G forge innovative partnership for financial growth

The strategic partnership seeks to contribute to Dubai's financial growth by concentrating on critical areas.

The strategic partnership seeks to contribute to Dubai’s financial growth by concentrating on critical areas.


The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has embarked on a pioneering collaboration with global consumer goods leader, Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), signaling a concerted effort towards economic advancement and innovation.

Objectives of the Partnership:

The strategic alliance is poised to bolster Dubai’s economic landscape by concentrating on critical domains such as fostering SME growth within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. 

Additionally, the partnership emphasizes talent development programs, vocational training, and sustainable initiatives.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. SME Empowerment: The collaboration aims to nurture and empower SMEs within the FMCG sector, fostering their growth and resilience in Dubai’s marketplace.
  2. Talent Training: Promoting skill development and knowledge enhancement through specialized training programs tailored to meet industry demands.
  3. Vocational Learning: Initiatives designed to facilitate vocational education and skill-building opportunities, aligning with Dubai’s future workforce needs.
  4. Sustainability Initiatives: Both entities are committed to advancing sustainable practices, aiming to embed environmentally conscious approaches within their operations.

Impact and Vision:

This pioneering venture is expected to elevate Dubai’s economic landscape, fostering innovation and growth within the FMCG sector. 

Through a combination of SME support, talent cultivation, and sustainability efforts, the partnership aims to leave a lasting imprint on the region’s economic vibrancy.


The strategic partnership between DET and P&G embodies a commitment to fostering economic development, innovation, and sustainability. 

Together, they aim to drive tangible growth opportunities, empower SMEs, and cultivate a skilled workforce, solidifying Dubai’s position as a thriving hub for economic progress and advancement.

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