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Dubai’s Al Meydan Street Upgrade: A Solution to Peak-Hour Traffic

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that the Al Meydan Street improvement project is currently 85% complete.

A transformative road improvement project in Dubai is on the brink of completion, with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announcing that the Al Meydan Street upgrade is now 85% finished. 

Once finalized, this initiative promises to slash peak-hour traffic time on Al Meydan Street from a cumbersome eight minutes to a mere one.

Comprehensive Enhancements for Seamless Traffic Flow:

The project encompasses a series of enhancements to alleviate congestion from the Al Khail Street intersection to the Cyclists Club. 

These include the expansion of the street’s capacity from two to three lanes, the replacement of the Al Meydan Roundabout with a T-shaped signalized surface intersection, and the conversion of the Al Quoz roundabout into an extended street along the route.

Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads, Traffic, and Roads Agency at RTA, said, “Congestion at intersections is expected to drop significantly by nearly 95%.”

Future Phases and Expected Completion Date:

As the project progresses, the upcoming phase will focus on modifying entrances and exits of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City to further enhance traffic flow in the area. 

The entire Al Meydan Street Improvement Project is slated for completion by the beginning of the second quarter 2024.

Innovative Solutions for Cyclists:

The RTA has inaugurated a dedicated tunnel for bicycle lanes in the Al Meydan area to promote sustainable transportation. 

Capable of accommodating approximately 800 bikes per hour, this initiative aims to reduce waiting times for cyclists. 

The transformation of the surface intersection of the cycling track into a tunnel represents a forward-thinking approach to urban mobility.

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