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Dubai Youth Enthralled by Social Media Influence, Parents View it as Viable Profession

DALL·E 2024 01 05 18.34.22 A family scene in a Dubai home where parents are discussing their childs interest in becoming a social media influencer. The image shows a supportive

Embracing Digital Influence: Dubai’s New Era of Career Choices for the Young

In Dubai, the allure of social media influence captivates the younger generation, with parents increasingly recognizing it as a legitimate career path. This shift in career aspirations reflects the changing dynamics of the modern job market and the rise of digital influence. Dubai-based mother and Executive Director at Smart Consultancy, Marta Dolinska, emphasizes the importance of balancing this new career avenue with education and skill development.

While some parents like Bindu Thadani support their children’s digital ambitions, experts like family therapist Priscilla Joan and teenage development specialist Suzette Layoun advise a balanced approach. They stress the importance of education, character development, and long-term planning alongside social media endeavors.

The trend towards social media careers, fueled by the significant presence of influencers in Dubai and the lucrative influencer advertising market, is reshaping the traditional concept of career and success. This evolving landscape requires careful consideration, guiding the youth to navigate the complexities of a digital career with informed decisions and a solid foundation in education and life skills.

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