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Dubai will host Arab Health 2024: expanding and going global

Arab Health will be back at the Dubai World Trade Centre in 2024.

Arab Health will be back at the Dubai World Trade Centre in 2024.

Event Overview

Dubai is gearing up to host the 2024 edition of Arab Health, a prestigious healthcare event, set to take place from January 29 to February 1, 2024. 

This upcoming edition is marked by significant expansions and an increasing international presence, making it a major highlight in the healthcare industry’s calendar.

Expanded Venue

One of the notable changes for Arab Health 2024 is the expansion of the event venue. The larger site aims to accommodate the growing interest and participation in the event. 

This expansion reflects Dubai’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for the healthcare industry.

Global Participation

Arab Health 2024 is expected to draw a diverse global audience. With over 3,450 exhibitors and more than 110,000 healthcare professional visits anticipated, the event will serve as a hub for collaboration and networking. 

Participants from 180 countries are set to converge, fostering international connections and knowledge exchange in the field of healthcare.

As the 2024 edition of Arab Health approaches, Dubai is poised to facilitate an event that not only showcases the latest healthcare innovations but also encourages international cooperation and the sharing of expertise in the healthcare sector.

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