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Dubai unveils high-tech footbridges over Ras Al Khor road

Seven new bridges are anticipated to open in the emirate this year.

Seven new bridges are anticipated to open in the emirate this year.


Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled two new state-of-the-art footbridges over Ras Al Khor Road, featuring advanced technology and amenities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Bridge 1: Creek Harbour – Ras Al Khor Industrial Area

  • Length and Location
  • The first bridge spans 174 meters, connecting Creek Harbour with the Ras Al Khor Industrial Area.
  • Inclusivity for Cyclists
  • It includes two 120-meter-long ramps, each 1.9 meters wide, designed to accommodate cyclists, promoting sustainable transportation options.

Bridge 2: Marhaba Mall – Wasl Complex in Nadd Al Hamar

  • Length and Location
  • The second bridge, measuring 101 meters in length, is strategically positioned on Ras Al Khor Road, directly opposite Marhaba Mall and the Wasl Complex in Nadd Al Hamar.
  • Ramps for Accessibility
  • This bridge features two ramps on either side, extending for 120 meters, enhancing accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

Advanced Features on Both Bridges

  • High-Tech Electromechanical Systems
  • Both bridges are equipped with high-tech electromechanical systems to ensure efficient operation and user safety.
  • Alarm and Firefighting Systems
  • Incorporating alarm and firefighting systems, these footbridges prioritize the well-being of pedestrians in case of emergencies.
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Advanced remote monitoring systems are in place to provide real-time data on bridge conditions, further enhancing safety and maintenance efforts.
  • Bike Racks
  • Catering to the growing demand for cycling infrastructure, these bridges are equipped with bike racks, encouraging sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation.


The inauguration of these two cutting-edge footbridges underscores Dubai’s commitment to enhancing pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure while integrating advanced technology to ensure safety and convenience for all. 

These bridges represent a significant step toward creating more inclusive and connected urban spaces in the city.

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