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Dubai unveils ambitious plan for 30km Blue Line metro

50% of the 30km route will be underground.

50% of the 30km route will be underground.

Dubai is set to witness a transformative addition to its public transport system with the announcement of the ambitious 30-kilometer Blue Line Metro. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, disclosed the approved plans for this groundbreaking project, hailed as the emirate’s most significant venture in the public transport sector.

Unveiling the Blue Line

The unveiling of the Blue Line marks a monumental milestone for Dubai’s transport infrastructure. Spanning 30 kilometers, half of which will run underground at depths of up to 70 meters, the project is estimated to cost Dh18 billion ($4.9 billion).

Serving Key Populated and Urban Areas

With a strategic design aimed at catering to the needs of approximately one million residents, the Blue Line is poised to connect vital areas within Dubai. 

It will traverse bustling regions such as Dubai Creek Harbour, Festival City, Global Village, Rashidiya, Warqaa, and Mirdif. Additionally, the line will integrate urban areas like Silicon Oasis, Academic City, and more.

An Investment in Accessibility

The hefty investment of Dh18 billion underscores the scale and importance attached to this pioneering initiative. By connecting densely populated neighborhoods and pivotal urban zones, the Blue Line aims to significantly enhance accessibility and convenience for commuters and visitors alike.

Anticipated Impact

The introduction of the Blue Line Metro is anticipated to not only streamline travel for residents but also stimulate further development and economic growth in the connected regions. Its comprehensive reach across diverse areas within Dubai promises to redefine the city’s public transport landscape.

A Vision for Enhanced Mobility

Sheikh Mohammed’s announcement reflects Dubai’s unwavering commitment to fostering cutting-edge infrastructure and embracing innovative solutions to bolster mobility. The Blue Line stands as a testament to the city’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to elevating the living standards of its residents.

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