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Dubai to launch drone food delivery for last-mile services in 2024

It has a capacity of up to 2.5kgs of payload, enough to hold a family-size pizza, and can travel within a 10km radius.

It has a capacity of up to 2.5kgs of payload, enough to hold a family-size pizza, and can travel within a 10km radius.


Dubai is set to revolutionize its last-mile delivery system by introducing autonomous drones to make deliveries faster and more convenient for consumers. 

The shift towards drone-based deliveries was showcased at the recent Gitex Global 2023, where attendees were given a glimpse of how this innovative approach would work. 

Visitors placed orders for meals and drinks, and to their amazement, the deliveries arrived in under four minutes, demonstrating the potential of autonomous drones in the delivery sector.

The Groundbreaking Demonstration

Dubai-based FEDS Drone-powered Solutions (FEDS) partnered with the Chinese company Meituan UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) to unveil this pioneering project. 

The demonstration showcased the seamless synergy of technology, speed, and convenience.

Order-to-Delivery in Minutes

During the Gitex Global 2023 event, attendees had the opportunity to witness the future of delivery services. They placed orders for meals and beverages, which were promptly delivered in under four minutes. 

The key takeaway from this demonstration was the remarkable efficiency and speed offered by autonomous drones, which promises to revolutionize last-mile deliveries.

Partners in Innovation

The pilot project was a collaborative effort between Dubai’s FEDS Drone-powered Solutions and the expertise of Chinese company Meituan UAS. 

This partnership highlights the global nature of the initiative and the convergence of expertise from different regions.

Looking Ahead to 2023

The successful demonstration at Gitex Global 2023 provides a sneak peek into Dubai’s ambitious plans for the use of autonomous drones in last-mile delivery services. 

With this technology set to be deployed next year, consumers in Dubai can anticipate faster, more convenient, and efficient deliveries that promise to transform the way goods are transported within the city.


Dubai’s introduction of autonomous drones for last-mile delivery services represents a significant step toward harnessing innovative technologies to enhance consumer experiences. 

The successful pilot project, a collaboration between FEDS and Meituan UAS, showcases the remarkable potential of autonomous drone deliveries in Dubai. 

As the technology is set to launch in 2023, it holds the promise of revolutionizing the delivery landscape in the city and beyond.

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