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Dubai Taxis Now Offer Interactive Entertainment and News on the Go

Dubai Taxis Now Offer Interactive Entertainment and News on the Go

In a bid to enhance the commuting experience for passengers, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has equipped 4,500 taxis with interactive digital screens, offering a range of premium lifestyle content, news updates, entertainment, and exclusive promotions.

Innovative Project for Passenger Happiness

Launched on Tuesday, this innovative project aims to elevate the happiness and satisfaction of taxi riders across the emirate. Following a successful pilot program involving 250 taxis in 2022, RTA collaborated with e-hailing taxi solution provider Hala and passenger experience company Binary Media to introduce this cutting-edge initiative.

Formal Inauguration Ceremony

The official inauguration of the project was marked by a formal signing ceremony attended by key stakeholders, including Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of Public Transport Agency at RTA; Khaled Nuseibeh, CEO at Hala; and Santosh Sarma, Co-Founder and CEO at Binary Media.

Delivering Enhanced Travel Experiences

Expressing his satisfaction with the initiative, Ahmed Bahrozyan highlighted the goal of providing convenience and comfort to taxi riders. Collaborating with Hala and Binary Media, RTA aims to offer an immersive travel experience by delivering curated content tailored to passengers’ preferences during their commute.

Enhanced Transportation Experience

Khaled Nuseibeh emphasized Hala’s commitment to delivering a best-in-class transportation experience, aligning with Dubai’s vision of becoming a leading digital hub globally. The introduction of digital screens reflects Hala’s dedication to leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and provide unparalleled convenience.

Future of Passenger Experiences

Santosh Sarma shared his vision of transforming travel experiences, envisioning a future where journeys are as significant as destinations. Through innovative technologies, Binary Media aims to reimagine travel by offering entertainment, discovery, and productivity opportunities during trips, setting the stage for a new era in mobility.

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