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Dubai Taxi Rides to Offer Interest-Free Instalments with Tabby

Using the Tabby financial services app, Dubai Taxi clients may now divide their fare into four interest-free installments.

Starting this January, Dubai Taxi riders can now split their fare into four interest-free installments using the Tabby financial services app. Here’s a breakdown of what this means for the public:

Flexible Payment Solution: Buy Now, Pay Later for Taxi Rides

  • Tabby, known for its ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) services, introduces a similar concept for Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) rides.
  • Riders can download the app and opt for the ‘split-in-4-monthly payment’ plan, paying only 25% upfront and the rest in three equal installments over three months.
  • Tabby ensures a payment scheme without interest or additional fees, emphasizing trust-based transactions without extra charges when payments are made on time.

DTC’s Exclusive Collaboration with Tabby:

  • Initially, this staggered payment option is exclusively available for DTC taxis, representing 44% of Dubai’s taxi market with a fleet of approximately 7,000 taxis.
  • DTC, renowned for various transportation services, including VIP limousines and last-mile deliveries, aims to redefine payment methods for its diversified services.

Payment Process and Responsiveness:

  • Regular reminders before due payments aim to prevent missed installments, and Tabby commits to responsible spending, restricting service use if dues remain unpaid.
  • Any missed payments prompt temporary suspension of Tabby’s services until the outstanding amount is settled, preventing the accumulation of arrears.

CEO Statements Highlighting Advantages:

  • Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi, CEO of DTC, anticipates a transformation in customer payment habits, particularly for services like multi-day limousine bookings.
  • Hosam Arab, CEO and co-founder of Tabby emphasizes extending flexible payment options to a broader customer base, enhancing financial optimization while enjoying Dubai’s transport services.

The collaboration between DTC and Tabby heralds a significant shift in payment methods for taxi services, providing riders with greater financial flexibility and convenient payment options.

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