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Dubai Taxi Corporation harnesses AI for performance tracking

Dubai Taxi Corporation's control center monitors 14,500 drivers and 7,200 vehicles.

Dubai Taxi Corporation’s control center monitors 14,500 drivers and 7,200 vehicles.

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the monitoring of its extensive fleet, consisting of 14,500 drivers and 7,200 vehicles. 

This move represents a significant advancement in optimizing the management of taxis, limousines, school buses, public buses, and motorcycles within the city.

Control Centre Integration for Enhanced Fleet Management

DTC is implementing AI technology within its control center, serving as a central hub for monitoring and managing its diverse fleet. 

This integration will empower DTC, a subsidiary of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, to improve the delivery of taxi and public transport services, particularly in areas where demand surges during events and special occasions.

Real-Time Decision-Making Support

The AI-enhanced control center will play a pivotal role in assisting senior management in making rapid and efficient decisions. 

This real-time support is invaluable in ensuring that DTC can swiftly respond to varying demand patterns and effectively allocate its on-demand taxi fleet.

Optimizing Vehicle Deployment for High-Demand Areas

Ammar Al Braiki, the director of fleet operations at DTC, emphasized the control center’s role in providing a key scheduling framework for events held in Dubai. 

This framework enables DTC to efficiently distribute its taxi fleet and redirect unoccupied vehicles to areas with the highest demand.

Dubai Taxi Corporation’s embrace of AI technology underscores its commitment to enhancing transportation services and ensuring that the city remains well-connected and accessible, particularly during peak events and periods of high demand.

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