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Dubai Schools Report Full Attendance Despite Ramadan Observance

Dubai Schools Report Full Attendance Despite Ramadan Observance

On the first day of Ramadan, schools in Dubai experienced full attendance despite many students observing the fast, demonstrating a commitment to education amidst religious observance.

Traffic around some schools was affected by adjusted timings for the holy month, but proactive measures, including the deployment of traffic marshals, ensured smooth vehicular movement.

To accommodate fasting students, schools implemented shortened class periods and modified physical education activities to avoid exertion. Collaborative efforts with neighboring institutions facilitated traffic management, minimizing congestion during peak hours.

Principals emphasized the importance of attendance during Ramadan, especially for students preparing for end-of-year assessments. Close cooperation with nearby schools and the introduction of flexible schedules contributed to maintaining smooth traffic flow.

In addition to academic adjustments, schools organized various initiatives for Ramadan, including community iftars and fundraising for school workers’ food. Indian-curriculum schools are concluding their academic year before the start of Ramadan, with plans for a new academic term after the holidays.

Efforts are underway to sensitize non-Muslim students about Ramadan practices, fostering cultural understanding and respect. Primary students were educated about the significance of fasting and encouraged to be considerate towards their fasting peers.

Despite the challenges posed by Ramadan, Dubai schools remain committed to providing a conducive learning environment and promoting cultural awareness among students.

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