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Dubai Schoolgirl Designs Robotic Sleeve to Overcome Neurological Condition

A young Dubai student has created a prototype of a robotic sleeve to help her with a neurological ailment.

A young schoolgirl in Dubai has designed the prototype of a robotic sleeve to assist her with a neurological condition. 

Najah Bayan, with guidance from her science teacher Yasmin, has created a special sleeve to help her use her left hand, which has limited capabilities due to a birth defect.

The Evolution of the Invention:

Najah’s journey started with creating a robotic arm and glove, which she initially used on her right hand, the more functional one. 

The concept was then mirrored to help her use her left hand similarly. However, the robotic arm proved cumbersome and unsuitable for regular use. It was at this point that the prototype of the robotic sleeve was developed.

The Robotic Sleeve Prototype:

The robotic sleeve incorporates sensors and is connected to an earpiece, which, in turn, is linked to brain sensors for movement. This innovative design aims to improve the functionality of Najah’s left hand.

Najah and her teacher, Yasmin, are optimistic that someone attending the AccessAbilities Expo can help develop a working model of their prototype. 

This would significantly improve Najah’s life since the alternative, surgery for her condition, presents significant challenges and a low likelihood of success.

Several other projects by Najah’s classmates from the Hemaya School for Girls, cycles 1 and 2, were also featured at the expo. These included a sensor device for the visually impaired to alert them to obstacles in their path.

Special Ambulance for People of Determination (POD):

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) unveiled a groundbreaking ambulance catering to people with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, and other individuals of determination (POD) at the expo. 

The ambulance is equipped with sensory equipment to provide passengers a calming and accommodating environment.

Ambulance Designed for POD Comfort:

The ambulance features special lighting and sensory equipment to help individuals with sensory sensitivities stay calm. 

It includes water-filled machines that release bubbles when touched, strings of lights in different colors, and interactive installations with various textures to engage the senses.

Enhancing Communication and Comfort:

The ambulance’s interior is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety in individuals with hyperactivity. It engages their senses of sight, hearing, and touch, to improve communication between healthcare providers and PODs during crises.

Currently, there is only one such ambulance in the country, but if there is an increase in demand, the DCAS is open to considering expanding this service.

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