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Dubai RTA Distributes Over 600 Free Pre-loaded Nol Cards to Needy Families

Dubai RTA Distributes Over 600 Free Pre-loaded Nol Cards to Needy Families

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has embarked on a compassionate initiative, distributing more than 600 pre-loaded nol cards to underprivileged families in honor of Sheikh Zayed Humanitarian Day, an occasion observed annually on the 19th day of Ramadan. These nol cards offer recipients not only access to public transportation but also the ability to make essential purchases at select retail outlets across the emirate.

The distribution of 630 nol cards by RTA exemplifies its commitment to community welfare, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. This initiative, part of RTA’s comprehensive Ramadan program, is aimed at bringing joy and support to various segments of society, including RTA employees, individuals with disabilities, families facing financial hardships, as well as drivers and workers.

Earlier this month, RTA launched the ‘Modes of Good’ initiative, an expanded version of its annual ‘Meals on Wheels’ program. This initiative saw the distribution of 8,000 Iftar meals to essential workers such as public bus drivers, delivery bike riders, truck drivers, and Abra captains. In collaboration with Beit Al Khair Society, RTA also contributed to the Ramadan Tent Project, providing 2000 Iftar meals to fasting individuals in need.

In addition to these efforts, RTA installed telephone booths at select Metro stations, allowing commuters to make free international calls to connect with their loved ones abroad. This initiative, available at Al Ghubaiba, Union, and Jebel Ali Metro stations, aims to bring families closer together during the holy month.

Conclusion: RTA’s distribution of over 600 free pre-loaded nol cards underscores its dedication to community welfare and inclusivity during Ramadan. By providing essential support to those in need and facilitating connections among families, RTA demonstrates the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines the holy month. Through initiatives like these, RTA continues to play a vital role in fostering social cohesion and well-being in the emirate of Dubai.

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