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Dubai RTA Completes Internal Roadwork in Al Warqa 4

The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment development's internal road construction project has been pronounced a success by RTA.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has declared the successful completion of an internal road construction project within the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment development in Al Warqa 4. 

This initiative, spanning 1.9 kilometers, is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to upgrade residential area infrastructure and improve connectivity for residents. 

The project seeks to enhance the quality of life for inhabitants by ensuring smooth and efficient movement within the residential community.

Project Scope:

The roadwork project includes several essential components:

  1. Construction of 1.9 kilometers of internal roads: These newly built roads will facilitate the movement of residents and visitors within the residential area, improving accessibility.
  2. Two-way pedestrian walkways: Extending over a distance of 3.6 kilometers, these pedestrian pathways enhance safety and provide connectivity within the community.
  3. Parking spaces: The project includes creating parking spaces capable of accommodating up to 66 vehicles, ensuring convenient parking options for residents.
  4. Street lighting: To enhance visibility and safety, the installation of 57 lighting units has been completed.

Benefits for Residents:

The completed project is expected to benefit residents living in the 136 villas within the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment in the Al Warqa 4 area. 

The enhanced infrastructure will not only improve accessibility but also contribute to the overall happiness and satisfaction of the community’s residents.

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