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Dubai Ride Transforms Sheikh Zayed Road into a Cycling Oasis

Thousands of bikers displaced the typical stream of autos on an empty Sheikh Zayed Road.

After over a decade of navigating the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road interchange daily, an unexpected sight greeted residents on a Sunday morning: the usually relentless flow of vehicles came to a standstill for six hours. The iconic highway transformed into a cyclist’s haven for the Dubai Ride.

Pedaling on the Arterial Road: A Unique Experience:

Amid the silence of an empty Sheikh Zayed Road, thousands of cyclists replaced the usual stream of cars, enjoying a rare opportunity to pedal freely. 

From the Museum of the Future, the road turned into a sprawling cycling track, with participants donning colorful attires and embarking on the family-friendly 4km route.

A Refreshing Change Under the Salik Gate:

For regular commuters, the joy of cycling under the Salik gate without worrying about account charges was a refreshing change. 

The weather, cool and breezy, coupled with the energetic atmosphere and water stations along the route, added to the unique charm of the event.

Families Joining the Pedal Parade:

A notable highlight was the presence of families, from 4-year-olds to teenagers, riding together along Sheikh Zayed Road. 

The Dubai Fitness Challenge’s goal of making Dubai the fittest city in the world seemed within reach as an entire generation embraced the joy of waking up early to cycle for the sheer fun of it.

Burton and Anderson: A Healthy Morning Ritual:

American expat Burton and his 6-year-old son Anderson, returning for their third Dubai Ride, shared the significance of cycling in their lives. 

Walking to school daily keeps them healthy and provides precious morning time together. The thrill of going downhill over the Dubai Canal bridge was a highlight for Anderson.

Chris and Lottee: A Family Journey from Sharjah:

Another family, Chris, Lottee, 12-year-old Exdee, and 7-year-old Kiel, embarked on a pre-dawn journey from Sharjah to participate in the ride. 

The dedication to transporting four cycles and the excitement of fixing them before the event reflected families’ commitment to making cycling a central part of their lives.

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