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Dubai Resident Sets Sight on Record-Breaking 23,000km Cycling Journey

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An Epic Expedition from South Africa to Norway

Dubai-based sports enthusiast Paula Ralph is set to embark on an unprecedented cycling journey. Her planned 23,000-kilometer ride aims to set a new world record for the longest cycling journey completed by a woman. With an ambitious target to finish within 82 days, Ralph’s adventure will begin on February 4 at Cape Point, South Africa, and conclude at Nordkapp, Norway.

Four Years of Preparation

Ralph has been meticulously planning her expedition, named ‘The Long Ride,’ for four years. Her dedication goes beyond personal achievement; she intends to inspire women globally to chase their dreams and aims to raise awareness on mental health and the value of education for underprivileged children.

Training Amidst Dubai’s Heat

To prepare for the grueling challenge ahead, Ralph underwent intensive physical and mental training. She adapted to the scorching Dubai summer by beginning her daily training rides at 3 am, ensuring she accumulated the necessary kilometers under cooler conditions.

Community Support

The supportive cycling community in Dubai has been instrumental in Ralph’s journey. Describing her fellow cyclists as a “lovable band of crazy people,” Ralph acknowledges their encouragement in her pursuit of this formidable goal.

Route Adjustments and Inspirations

Global events, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, necessitated changes to the originally planned route. Ralph drew inspiration from Jonas Deichmann, a sportsman who cycled from Norway to South Africa in 2019.

Social Media Involvement

Ralph plans to document her journey on social media, sharing the vistas, challenges, and milestones she encounters. Her ultimate goal extends beyond the ride; she aspires to establish a foundation for disadvantaged children, inspired by the Kwano Foundation in South Africa, to empower them through cycling and education.


Paula Ralph’s ambitious cycling journey from Cape Point to Nordkapp is not only a testament to her passion and resilience but also a beacon of inspiration, underlining the power of sports in transcending boundaries and making a positive impact.

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