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Dubai real estate records AED 9.5 Billion ($2.6 Billion) in weekly transactions

Dubai's real estate industry recorded around 1,400 transactions this week.

Dubai’s real estate industry recorded around 1,400 transactions this week.


The Dubai real estate sector has witnessed significant activity, recording AED 9.5 billion ($2.6 billion) in transactions for the week ending October 6. The Dubai Land Department reported a total of 1,445 real estate transactions during this period.

Robust Real Estate Market

The robust level of transactions underscores the continued vibrancy and attractiveness of Dubai’s real estate market. Investors and homebuyers remain active participants in the city’s real estate landscape.

Steady Momentum

Dubai’s real estate sector’s sustained momentum is indicative of the emirate’s enduring appeal as a global real estate destination, attracting both domestic and international investors.

These transactions affirm Dubai’s position as a thriving real estate hub, where opportunities and demand continue to drive activity in the property market.

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