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Dubai Ranks 6th Among Cities with Second Homes for Centi-Millionaires

Centi-millionaires, those with at least $100 million in investable assets, frequently possess many properties around the world.

Centi-millionaires, individuals with at least $100 million in investable assets, often own multiple properties across the globe. 

These high-net-worth individuals use their luxurious properties throughout the year, selecting destinations that cater to their preferences, whether for sunshine or snow.

Henley & Partners recently released seasonal cities data, revealing the top cities where centi-millionaires own their second homes. 

These cities are magnets for the world’s financial elite during peak holiday seasons.

Dubai’s Appeal to Centi-Millionaires:

Dubai is one of the world’s top 10 cities where centi-millionaires choose to own a second home. 

It ranks 6th globally, with over 500 centi-millionaires having a second home in the city. Dubai’s meticulously tailored offerings aim to attract and accommodate the world’s financial elite.

Expanding Populations in Major Cities:

Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London, also preferred destinations for centi-millionaires, witness significant population growth during peak seasons. 

In New York, the population increased from 775 to over 1,200, in Los Angeles from 504 to over 950, and in London, it more than doubled from 388 to over 800.

Dubai’s Ambition to Attract Global Elite:

Dubai’s concerted efforts to entice centi-millionaires highlight its ambition to establish itself as a premier global hub for the world’s financial elite. 

Philippe Amarante, managing partner at Henley & Partners and head of the firm’s Dubai and Pakistan offices, emphasizes Dubai’s allure for centi-millionaires.

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