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Dubai Property Market: Unwavering Potential According to Balvinder Singh

Balvinder Singh Sahni, better known as Abu Sabah, a Dubai-based billionaire, emphasises that Dubai's property market is far from reaching its peak.

Dubai-based billionaire Balvinder Singh Sahni, also known as Abu Sabah, emphasizes that Dubai’s property market is far from reaching its pinnacle. 

He notes a significant shift from previous investor profiles dominated by a few countries to a diverse range of real end-users, including Russia, Italy, Germany, America, Canada, and Indonesia nationals.

Dubai’s Allure: Security, Infrastructure, and Multicultural Environment:

Sahni underscores the appeal of Dubai, citing its secure environment, robust infrastructure, and multicultural society as pivotal factors attracting investors and families alike. 

He anticipates the buzz shifting towards schools and hospitals as more families relocate, indicating sustained growth potential for the property sector.

Amidst the third rally in Dubai’s property market after the COVID-19 pandemic, prices steadily increased across various segments, marking a period of upward momentum.

Build and Lease Philosophy of Abu Sabah:

Abu Sabah aligns with the traditional ‘build and lease’ ethos, originating as an investor and emerging as a distinguished developer. 

His approach emphasizes completing a substantial portion of projects before initiating sales, citing the Fairmont project on Sheikh Zayed Road as an example.

Early Bird Investor: Sahni’s Visionary Role in Dubai’s Property:

Sahni’s foresight led him to invest in Dubai’s property market in the early 1990s, recognizing the region’s potential well ahead of the curve. 

He recounts purchasing land in Mirdif at a remarkably low Dh6 per sqft, witnessing its valuation soar from Dh600 to Dh1,000 by 2006-07.

Reflecting on his initial visit to Dubai in 1991, Sahni noticed the city’s diversity despite its early stages of development. 

His investments in Mirdif testify to his belief in Dubai’s growth trajectory, making strategic acquisitions that yielded remarkable returns over the years.

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