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Dubai prison inmates participate in global chess competition for welfare

Dubai Police organize participation in international virtual competitions to improve prisoner well-being.

Dubai Police organize participation in international virtual competitions to improve prisoner well-being. 

In a commendable effort to enhance the welfare of inmates, Dubai’s prisons have introduced a unique initiative involving global chess competition for prisoners. 

Inmates from the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments of Dubai Police participated in the third annual Intercontinental Online Chess Championship for Prison Inmates, as announced by the Dubai Media Office.

Global Chess Championship for Prisoners

The global chess competition was organized by the Cook County Police Department in Chicago, United States, and saw participation from individuals representing 118 different countries. 

This event showcases the unifying power of chess and transcends boundaries to create an inclusive and rehabilitative platform for inmates.

Inclusive Participation of Men, Women, and Juveniles

What makes this initiative even more remarkable is its inclusive nature. 

Teams comprised not only male inmates but also female prisoners and juveniles, making it an opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to engage in a productive and mentally stimulating activity. 

This approach aims to promote rehabilitation, personal development, and positive interactions among incarcerated individuals.

The involvement of Dubai’s prisoners in the Intercontinental Online Chess Championship is a testament to the commitment of the authorities to improve prisoner welfare and provide opportunities for rehabilitation and skill development. 

It also highlights the potential for constructive engagement and personal growth even within correctional settings.

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