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Dubai Prepares for Ramadan: 1,200 Permits Issued for 1.2 Million Iftar Meals Daily

Dubai Prepares for Ramadan: 1,200 Permits Issued for 1.2 Million Iftar Meals Daily

In preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department in Dubai has announced the issuance of 1,200 permits for the distribution of Iftar meals, ensuring that 1.2 million meals will be served daily in the emirate.

Under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, a series of Ramadan events have been unveiled, catering to citizens and expat residents alike.

The events are categorized into four main groups: Islamic, cultural, community, and charitable activities, offering a diverse range of experiences for participants.

Islamic Activities:

  • The traditional Dubai Readers initiative will feature renowned readers leading Taraweeh and Qiyaam prayers.
  • Multiple language lectures will be held across mosques to accommodate the needs of worshippers.

Cultural Activities:

  • A Quran memorization competition, “The Guardian Employee,” tailored for Dubai government employees.
  • Knowledge enhancement programs and fatwa councils will also be part of the cultural events.

Community Events:

  • Initiatives like Hala Ramadan, We Break Our Fast Together, and Dubai Pulse aim to unite diverse demographics.
  • The inaugural Muezzin Al-Fareej event and Dubai Iftar, the region’s largest religious gathering, will promote unity among youth and individuals from various religions and sects.

Charitable Activities:

  • Events promoting philanthropy, such as the Art of the Clothes Box, will encourage the culture of giving.
  • Initiatives integrating sports, health, and donations, like the Step of Life, will foster community support.

Additionally, plans for organizing the largest human slogan as part of the Zayed Humanitarian Day have been revealed, showcasing Dubai’s commitment to humanitarian causes.

Director General Ahmed Darwish Al Muhairi emphasized the department’s dedication to fostering unity and promoting the spirit of peaceful coexistence among citizens and residents, locally and globally.

The Dubai Ramadan initiative will also feature social media programs and television collaborations, enriching the experience for participants and highlighting the essence of Ramadan in the emirate.

As Dubai gears up for the holy month, these initiatives underscore the city’s commitment to providing meaningful and inclusive Ramadan experiences for all.

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