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Dubai Police’s ‘Combat Begging’ Campaign Reunites Juvenile with His Mother

Dubai Police's ‘Combat Begging’ Campaign Reunites Juvenile with His Mother

vvIn a heartwarming success story for Dubai Police’s ‘Combat Begging’ campaign, a 14-year-old juvenile found begging near a mosque was reunited with his mother after family disputes led him to leave his father’s home.

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Shamsi, Director of the Suspicious Persons and Criminal Phenomena Department at Dubai Police, revealed that the department received a report about a child begging near a mosque. Swift action was taken, and upon approaching the child, it was discovered that family conflicts resulting from his parents’ divorce led him to take to the streets for assistance.

The task team at the Suspicious Persons and Criminal Phenomena Department promptly contacted the child’s family. After listening to all parties involved, an agreement was reached for the child to reside with his mother, ensuring he receives the care and support he needs.

Brig. Al Shamsi emphasized the importance of parental responsibilities, urging parents to prioritize their children’s well-being and resolve conflicts away from their presence. He advised parents to guide their children with solid educational principles and values.

Furthermore, Brig. Al Shamsi warned against sympathizing with beggars or providing them with money, highlighting the deceptive tactics used by beggars to manipulate emotions. He encouraged the public to report beggars immediately through Dubai Police’s contact center or smart app.

Reporting cyber beggars via the e-Crime platform was also recommended. Brig. Al Shamsi reminded individuals that financial assistance can be sought from official entities, charities, and associations, reiterating that begging is illegal and punishable under Federal Law.

The efforts of Dubai Police, in collaboration with their partners, aim to combat begging and preserve the community’s cultural and civilized image. The success stories of reuniting juveniles with their families serve as a testament to the effectiveness of the ‘Combat Begging’ campaign in addressing societal challenges and promoting social welfare.

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