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Dubai Police to Launch AI-Powered System for Accident Fault Determination

Dubai Police is poised to launch a new AI-powered system to streamline the process of reporting road accidents.

Dubai Police are set to introduce a new artificial intelligence (AI)–powered system that aims to simplify the process of reporting road accidents and determine the party at fault. 

This innovative technology is predicted to significantly reduce manual tasks and processes by around 50%, saving time and resources for the police. The system will be accessible through the Dubai Police app and available to the public shortly.

Gitex Technology Week:

The new AI-driven system was unveiled at the Gitex Technology week, a premier technology event held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. 

This event brought together more than 6,000 companies, showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovations.

Streamlining Accident Reporting:

The AI-based system streamlines the process of reporting road accidents. When an individual is involved in an accident, they can use the Dubai Police app to submit relevant data and photographs. 

The AI software will then analyze the information to determine faults and identify the damaged areas. Subsequently, the system generates an accident report, allowing Dubai Police to issue a red slip to those responsible for the accident and a green slip to those not at fault.

Enhancing Understanding of Accidents:

The AI-powered system is expected to provide Dubai Police officers with a more comprehensive understanding of accidents and their causes. 

Previously, accident participants had to wait for police officers to arrive to determine fault. While the app’s introduction streamlined the reporting process, disputes over fault still necessitated visits to police stations. 

The AI-driven system aims to improve this process, offering a reliable, efficient, and accessible way to report accidents.

‘On The Go’ Initiative:

Earlier in the year, Dubai Police introduced the ‘On The Go’ initiative, allowing drivers to obtain accident reports at fuel stations and immediately arrange vehicle repairs. 

This initiative sought to expedite accident-related processes and enhance convenience for drivers.

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