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Dubai police seize 24 vehicles for dangerous driving in rainy weather

Fines were given for crimes such as disturbing the peace in the Al Rowaiyah area.

Fines were given for crimes such as disturbing the peace in the Al Rowaiyah area.

Inclement Weather, Hazardous Behavior:

Dubai Police recently took action against reckless drivers during rainy weather conditions, seizing a total of 24 vehicles and motorcycles. 

The drivers were found engaging in hazardous and reckless traffic behavior in the Al Rowaiyah area, causing disturbances and endangering road safety.

Disregarding Traffic Rules:

Despite prior warnings and general advice provided during adverse weather conditions, these motorists defied traffic rules, putting themselves and others at risk. Their actions prompted Dubai Police to take stringent measures.

Types of Seized Vehicles:

Out of the 24 seized vehicles, 19 were cars, and the remaining five were motorcycles. The focus of these actions was to curb dangerous driving practices and restore order on the roads.

Penalties Imposed:

In addition to seizing the vehicles, Dubai Police imposed 35 severe penalties against the drivers involved. These penalties aim to deter such reckless behavior and emphasize the importance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations, especially during challenging weather conditions.

Message from Dubai Police:

Maj Gen Saif Al Mazroui, director of Dubai Police’s traffic department, highlighted the seriousness of these actions, reiterating the importance of adhering to traffic rules during inclement weather. 

The enforcement of penalties and vehicle seizures serves as a strong message to promote responsible driving and ensure the safety and peace of all road users.

This initiative by Dubai Police underscores their commitment to maintaining road safety and order, particularly during adverse weather, and sends a clear message that reckless behavior will not be tolerated.

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