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Dubai Police Respond to Fog-Induced Emergencies: Measures Urged

During the early hours of Thursday, Dubai Police received an astonishing 2,841 emergency calls due to poor road visibility.

Dubai Police fielded an overwhelming 2,841 emergency calls during the early hours of Thursday, 5 am to 10 am, grappling with reduced road visibility due to dense fog. 

Additionally, authorities attended 51 traffic accidents, highlighting the critical impact of low visibility on road safety.

Official Cautionary Advisory:

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, emphasized heightened vigilance among motorists, especially during months prone to severe visibility challenges. 

Al Mazrouei stressed the importance of adapting to changing weather conditions to avert potential risks on the roads.

Safety Measures and Recommendations:

In response to fog-related hazards, Dubai Police outlined a series of crucial safety measures for drivers:

  • Speed Reduction: Urged drivers to decrease speed to ensure safe navigation.
  • Proper Use of Vehicle Lights: Encouraged the use of vehicle lights, especially during early morning hours.
  • Lane Discipline: Advised against unnecessary lane changes and emphasized using indicators when necessary.
  • Avoidance of High Beams: Cautioned against using high beams that could hinder other drivers’ visibility.
  • Hazards and Focus: Prohibited hazard lights while driving and emphasized the need for continuous focus on the road.
  • Traffic Management: Encouraged drivers to avoid blocking traffic in case of minor accidents to prevent further disruptions.

Precautionary Recommendations:

Motorists were strongly advised to:

  • Monitor Weather Forecasts: Encouraged checking official weather forecasts via credible media sources and authorized governmental channels to avoid potential accidents.
  • Allocate Extra Time: Suggested allocating additional time for journeys to mitigate stress due to delays or congestion caused by adverse weather conditions.

The overarching message emphasizes the imperative role of proactive safety measures and responsible driving practices in averting accidents during foggy conditions and reducing the risk of fatalities, injuries, and material losses on the roads.

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