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Dubai Police promote child safety with free car seats

Two kids died, and 45 sustained severe injuries in car casualties this year.

Two kids died, and 45 sustained severe injuries in car casualties this year.

Ensuring Child Safety on the Roads

Dubai Police are taking a proactive approach to enhance child safety on the roads. In response to two tragic child fatalities and 45 serious injuries resulting from 47 traffic accidents this year, they’ve launched the “Child Seat, Safety and Serenity” campaign.

Free Car Seats for Parents

As a significant component of this campaign, Dubai Police are distributing free car seats to parents. This initiative aims to provide parents with the necessary equipment to safeguard their children during travel, reducing the risk of injury in case of an accident.

Comprehensive Educational Initiatives

The “Child Seat, Safety and Serenity” campaign is not just about distributing car seats; it encompasses a series of educational efforts. Dubai Police have partnered with Audi Auto, Noon, and other organizations to offer guidance on the correct use of car seats. 

The program will educate parents and caregivers on selecting the most suitable car seats based on their child’s age and weight. Furthermore, it will focus on teaching the proper installation of these seats to ensure maximum safety.

By combining the distribution of car seats with extensive education, Dubai Police aim to raise awareness and provide practical support to parents and caregivers. The goal is to prevent further accidents and protect the precious lives of young passengers on the road.

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