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Dubai Police Organize Awareness March on International White Cane Day

On International White Cane Day, Dubai Police organised an awareness march to promote the inclusion of visually impaired people into society.

Dubai Police organized an awareness march to promote the integration of visually impaired individuals into society, coinciding with International White Cane Day.

The white cane is not just a symbol; it represents independence and is an essential tool for the safe and reliable navigation of those who are blind or visually impaired. 

International White Cane Day is observed annually on October 15 to recognize and promote the movement of blind individuals from dependency to full participation in society.

Spreading Awareness:

The march held at Dubai Mall on Saturday was designed to convey a clear message to the community about the essential guidelines for interacting with the blind and how to assist them on public roads and in facilities.

Empowering People of Determination:

Fatima Bouhajir, the general coordinator of the Positive Spirit Initiative and a member of Dubai Police’s Council for Empowering People of Determination highlighted that the march was part of Dubai Police’s social awareness efforts, focusing on reinforcing values of tolerance, unity, and social cohesion.

Strong Community Participation:

The march garnered participation from over 70 community members and officials, including Lt Col Abdullah Al Suwaidi, director of Hamaya Schools Office for Education and Training; Mohammad Ahmad Al Matrooshi, general manager of Dubai Mall; Capt Mohammad Bin Shafia, deputy director of Hamaya Schools Office, and other Dubai Police officials.

Dubai Police’s initiative highlights the importance of inclusion and understanding for the visually impaired, fostering a society where everyone can participate fully in daily life.

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