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Dubai Police Issues Advisory for Mock Drill at Al Maktoum Airport

The Dubai Police have issued an important caution to citizens, informing them of a mock drill scheduled for Wednesday morning.

The Dubai Police has issued a vital advisory to residents, notifying them about an upcoming mock drill scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Strategic Mock Drill Details:

In partnership with strategic allies, the Dubai Police will execute a comprehensive mock drill at Al Maktoum International Airport and Emirates Road. 

The announcement was made through an official post on social media, X (formerly Twitter).

The mock drill is slated to commence at 8 a.m.

Safety and Cooperation Requested:

The Dubai Police has requested residents to cooperate by clearing the path for police patrols and refraining from taking photographs during the exercise. 

This is to ensure the safety and efficiency of the drill, as well as to prevent any unnecessary disruptions.

Dubai Police’s commitment to preparedness and ensuring the safety and security of the community is exemplified through these mock drills, which help in testing and improving emergency response procedures.

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