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Dubai Police issue strong warning as illegal turns cause accidents

Around 29,000 drivers were penalized this year for making turns from non-designated zones.

Around 29,000 drivers were penalized this year for making turns from non-designated zones.

In a stern warning to drivers, Dubai Police have raised concerns after six individuals were injured in traffic accidents caused by illegal turns in the first 10 months of this year. The police force’s data reveals that at least 29,463 drivers have been fined for making turns from non-designated areas.

Smart Traffic System Monitoring Violations

Dubai Police emphasized the role of their smart traffic system in monitoring violations related to turning from non-designated areas. The system aims to enforce traffic regulations and prevent accidents caused by drivers taking illegal turns.

Visual Evidence: Dubai Police Shares Videos on Social Media

To raise awareness, Dubai Police shared a video on social media, specifically on X (formerly known as Twitter). The video showcased instances of drivers making illegal U-turns, serving as a visual reminder of the dangers associated with such actions.

Concerns Over Ignoring Designated Turning Points

Authorities expressed their concern about accidents resulting from drivers ignoring designated turning points. The warning is part of an effort to curb these violations and enhance road safety by ensuring that drivers adhere to designated areas for turns.

Penalties for Improper Turns

In accordance with UAE traffic law, drivers caught making improper turns face penalties. Offenders can be fined Dh500 ($136), and four black points will be registered on their driving license. The stringent measures aim to discourage drivers from engaging in unsafe turning practices and prioritize the safety of all road users.

The Dubai Police’s proactive approach, combining technology and public awareness, underscores the commitment to maintaining road safety standards and reducing accidents caused by traffic violations.

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