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Dubai Police Introduced AI-Equipped Vehicles for Enhanced Surveillance

The Dubai force to develop completely autonomous and AI-powered vehicles that will use facial recognition and vehicle licence plate scanning.

Dubai, renowned as one of the safest cities globally, continues to invest in cutting-edge technology to maintain its reputation as a secure haven. 

The Dubai Police are set to introduce fully autonomous and AI-equipped vehicles that leverage facial recognition and vehicle number plate scanning to enhance safety on the city’s roads and streets.

AI-Driven Vehicles to Conduct Surveillance and Reconnaissance:

Unveiled at the Dubai Airshow 2023, the autonomous vehicle, MO2, is equipped with facial and car number plate recognition technology, complemented by a 360-degree camera view and a motion detector. 

The primary function of these AI-driven vehicles is surveillance and reconnaissance, allowing them to identify individuals wanted by the police, unregistered vehicles, and potential violations.

Multi-Purpose Functions Including Visa Violation Monitoring:

The AI-equipped vehicles go beyond traditional surveillance, actively contributing to law enforcement efforts. 

In addition to identifying wanted individuals and unregistered vehicles, these vehicles can assist in apprehending individuals who have overstayed their visas, addressing illegal residency concerns in the country.

Displayed at Dubai Airshow 2023:

The autonomous vehicle manufactured in the UAE, developed in collaboration with Micropolis Robotics, is on display at the Dubai Police stand during the Dubai Airshow 2023 at the Dubai World Central. 

The exhibition highlights Dubai’s commitment to integrating innovation and artificial intelligence into policing strategies.

Advanced Features and Extended Operational Capabilities:

The MO2 autonomous vehicle can operate for up to 16 hours, showcasing advanced features and extended operational capabilities. 

The Dubai Police have been diligently working on developing this technology for years, emphasizing the importance of ensuring its optimal functionality before deployment.

Future Deployment and Revolutionizing Patrolling Systems:

While no specific timeline was provided, senior officials at the Dubai Police Stand mentioned that the AI-driven vehicles would be rolled out “soon.” 

The strategic deployment of these vehicles is being carefully planned to revolutionize the patrolling system and further strengthen the city’s commitment to public safety.

Collaboration with Micropolis Robotics:

The collaboration between the Dubai Police and Micropolis Robotics underscores the importance of local partnerships in advancing technological solutions. 

The autonomous vehicle reflects the ongoing efforts to leverage homegrown innovation to enhance law enforcement capabilities in the UAE.

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