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Dubai Police Introduce Virtual Officer at Gitex Global Technology Exhibition

Lieutenant Amna, a virtual cop, was debuted by Dubai Police during the Gitex Global Technology exhibition, which was held at the Dubai.

Dubai Police has introduced a virtual officer named First Lieutenant Amna at the Gitex Global Technology exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Center. 

Amna is designed to greet visitors and respond to their queries in both English and Arabic. 

The virtual officer is part of Dubai Police’s efforts to improve safety and security in the city through artificial intelligence technologies. 

This article explores the experience of interacting with Amna, her capabilities, and her role in Dubai’s security infrastructure.

Virtual Officer Interaction Experience:

The author of this article had the opportunity to interact with First Lt. Amna, who welcomed them with a brief introduction. 

Amna described herself as a virtual officer created through the continuous efforts of Dubai Police to ensure the city’s safety and security. 

She emphasized her goal of ensuring the happiness of Dubai residents and enhancing their sense of reassurance and calm. 

Amna’s services are accessible through various channels, including the Dubai Police app and smart police stations.

Limitations and Functions:

During the interaction, it was noted that Amna is currently in the prototype stage and can provide responses to a limited set of predefined questions. 

These questions are selected from a list of available options. The author questioned the fine for driving without a license plate. 

Although it took Amna approximately a minute to process the inquiry, her response was accurate and current. 

She mentioned that the fine for driving without a number plate is AED 3,000, accompanied by 23 black points and a 90-day suspension of the driver’s license. 

She highlighted the seriousness of this offense and urged people to comply with traffic regulations.

Future Implications:

First, Lt. Amna represents a significant advancement in integrating artificial intelligence technologies into Dubai’s security infrastructure. 

While currently limited in scope, this virtual officer demonstrates the potential for enhancing interactions between law enforcement agencies and the public. 

As technology advances, virtual officers like Amna may be increasingly important in providing information assistance and enhancing public safety and security.

The Virtual Dubai Police Officer:

Dubai Police’s introduction of a virtual officer at the Gitex Global technology exhibition is a noteworthy development in artificial intelligence and law enforcement. 

irst Lt. Amna’s ability to interact with visitors, answer questions, and provide information indicates AI’s growing role in ensuring public safety and security. 

This technology showcases Dubai’s commitment to innovation and creating a secure, informed community.

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