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Dubai Police Impound Vehicles in Crackdown on Reckless Driving

Dubai Police recently seized five SUVs driven by youthful drivers who were performing unsafe stunts.

Dubai Police recently impounded five SUVs driven by young motorists engaged in dangerous stunts. Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei highlighted that these vehicles would only be released upon payment of impoundment fees, which could amount to Dh50,000 per vehicle.

Details of Offenses and Implications:

The Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police detailed the apprehension, stating that the drivers’ reckless behavior, including disruptive stunts and noise disturbance in areas like Nad Al Sheba and Al Meydan Street, posed serious risks to residents and road users. 

As per the new Dubai traffic law enacted in July, vehicles involved in such dangerous driving practices are subject to significant penalties, including the hefty Dh50,000 fine for endangering lives, property, and public safety.

Safety Advocacy and Call for Responsibility:

Al Mazrouei urged young motorists to prioritize safe driving practices and cautioned against committing serious traffic offenses that endanger lives. 

He further emphasized the role of parental guidance in monitoring and influencing their youths’ driving behavior, fostering a culture of responsible driving among younger individuals.

Stringent Law Enforcement and Reporting Mechanisms:

Dubai Police underscored the stringent application of the law, indicating that drivers engaging in reckless behavior or violating traffic signals would face substantial fines and vehicle impoundment. 

They also encouraged the public to report road safety violations through the ‘Police Eye’ service available on the Dubai Police app or by contacting the ‘We Are All Police’ service at 901.

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