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Dubai Police Implements Stringent Penalties for Traffic Violations,

In response to increasing traffic and to guarantee road safety, Dubai Police routinely conducts awareness initiatives.

Dubai’s population surged to nearly 3.653 million in December 2023, resulting in an increased number of vehicles on the road, reaching 3.9 million by September 2023. 

The Emirates’ toll gate operator, Salik, recorded 437 million trips through the Salik gates during the first nine months of 2023.

Road Safety Campaigns and Penalties:

Dubai Police consistently conducts awareness campaigns in response to the growing traffic and to ensure road safety.

The police have implemented three penalties – fines, black points, and vehicle confiscation – for those violating traffic laws.

Vehicle Confiscation for Serious Violations:

For serious violations, Dubai Police may confiscate vehicles for durations ranging from 7 days to 90 days. 

The list of 28 violations, as provided on the Dubai Police website, outlines offenses that could lead to confiscating vehicles.

List of 28 Violations Leading to Vehicle Confiscation:

  1. Driving a vehicle without a number plate (90 days)
  2. Using a three-wheel or more leisure bike on the road (90 days)
  3. Driving in a way that poses a risk to the driver’s life or others (60 days)
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol (60 days)
  5. Causing the deaths of others (60 days)
  6. Failure of a heavy vehicle driver to halt after causing a minor accident (60 days)
  7. Jumping a red signal by vehicles (30 days)
  8. Exceeding the top speed limit by more than 60kmph (30 days)
  9. Running away from the policeman (30 days)
  10. Not giving way to emergency, police, and public services vehicles or official convoys (30 days)
  11. Modifying engine or chassis without permission (30 days)
  12. Transporting passengers illegally (30 days)
  13. Transporting flammable or hazardous materials without permission (30 days)
  14. Participating in a motorcade without permission (15 days)
  15. Expired tires (7 days)
  16. Exceeding the passenger limit by a passenger transport vehicle (7 days)
  17. Driving a car against traffic (7 days)
  18. Driving a vehicle without insurance (7 days)
  19. Driving an unlicensed vehicle (7 days)
  20. Failure of a light auto driver to stop after causing a minor accident (7 days)
  21. Illegal use of commercial number plates (7 days)

Dubai Police’s stringent measures aim to enhance road safety and curb traffic violations in the bustling emirate.

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