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Dubai Police Harness Technology to Catch Phone-Using Drivers

To address this risky behaviour, Dubai's law enforcement agencies have used a slew of technology instruments.

In Dubai, using mobile phones while driving has become prevalent, with motorists often attempting to discreetly lower their devices upon spotting police patrols. 

However, Dubai’s law enforcement agencies have employed an arsenal of technological tools to combat this dangerous behavior, making it increasingly difficult for offenders to escape penalties.

The High-Tech Solution:

Dubai Police have integrated advanced technology, including radars and surveillance cameras, into their traffic enforcement efforts. 

In a recent video shared by the police, these cutting-edge tools were showcased in action, revealing how they automatically detect drivers using their phones while behind the wheel. 

Artificial intelligence-driven cameras zoom in on offenders who engage in conversations, text, or browse social media. 

The surveillance network captures violations at various points, including traffic junctions, turns, and crossings.

Beyond Speeding:

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai’s radars do not solely focus on speeding violations. 

In 2020, the police introduced smart radars equipped to identify a range of traffic infractions, such as mobile phone use, illegal lane changes, and failure to fasten seat belts. 

The penalties for using a mobile while driving in Dubai include a Dh800 fine and four black points on the driver’s license.

The Impact of Distracted Driving:

Dubai Police have launched numerous awareness campaigns emphasizing the dangers of phone use while driving. 

They have shared video footage illustrating how this practice can lead to severe accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. 

Major-General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of the General Department of Traffic, lamented, “A momentary lapse in concentration while checking social media or texting can have devastating consequences.”

Over the past eight months, Dubai has witnessed six fatalities resulting from 99 accidents caused by distracted driving. 

During this period, the police recorded 35,527 violations related to this offense.

A Deadly Mix on the Roads:

Dubai Police have identified several causes of fatal accidents in recent years, including failing to prioritize other road users, sudden swerving, failure to maintain a safe following distance, and speeding. 

Notably, the distraction caused by mobile phone use is a common factor in many of these incidents.

Dubai’s high-tech approach to combatting distracted driving underscores the city’s commitment to ensuring road safety and holding offenders accountable for their actions. 

As technology resumes to play a pivotal role in enforcement, motorists are urged to prioritize safety and resist the temptation to use their phones while driving.

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