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Dubai Police Forensic Experts Utilize Virtual Autopsy

Dubai Police Forensic Experts Utilize Virtual Autopsy

Dubai Police have taken a groundbreaking step forward in forensic science with the implementation of virtual autopsy technology, known as virtopsy. This non-invasive post-mortem method employs scanning and imaging technology, facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance police work in the investigation of criminal cases.

Maj. Gen. Ahmed Thani bin Ghalita Al Muhairi, Director of the General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology, revealed that Dubai Police has become one of only three institutions globally to adopt this innovative technology. The virtopsy procedure utilizes advanced radiographical aids like computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to scan human remains, providing highly sensitive, specific, and accurate results compared to traditional autopsies.

Speaking at the recent World Police Summit, Maj. Gen. bin Ghalita emphasized the transformative impact of virtual autopsies on forensic medicine. The use of AI algorithms has significantly reduced autopsy time from five hours to just five minutes, expediting criminal case resolutions while preserving the dignity of the deceased by minimizing invasive procedures.

Moreover, the implementation of virtopsy technology aligns with psychological considerations, societal values, and traditions, ensuring that autopsies are conducted only when absolutely necessary.

Dubai Police’s investment in capabilities, infrastructure, and personnel development has resulted in a cutting-edge facility that promotes environmental sustainability. With an investment of Dh550 million, this facility represents the highest-ever investment by Dubai Police.

Under Maj. Gen. bin Ghalita’s leadership, the General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology has witnessed remarkable growth and diversification. Starting with six individuals in 1986, the department now boasts over 600 highly skilled professionals, with a strong focus on empowering women and attracting Emirati staff with advanced degrees.

Maj. Gen. bin Ghalita’s 37-year tenure in Dubai Police has been marked by the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to streamline crime-solving processes. By integrating forensic medicine and crime scene investigation, the department has fostered collaborative work, leading to a shortened crime-solving timeline of just 10 days.

This commitment to professional development and diversity has significantly enhanced Dubai Police’s capabilities in solving crimes efficiently while upholding the dignity of the deceased.

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