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Dubai Police Distribute Winter Clothing to 350 Labourers in Jebel Ali

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Warmth and Support for the Workforce

In a heartwarming campaign, the Dubai Police have provided essential winter clothing to 350 workers living in accommodations in Jebel Ali. This initiative, part of the Positive Spirit Initiative, highlights the commitment of the Dubai Police to support outdoor workers during the cooler months.

The Winter Clothing Drive

Temperatures in Dubai can dip as low as 12°C to 15°C in coastal areas and even 5°C in the desert during winter. Recognizing the needs of the laborers, Dubai Police’s campaign ensured that these workers received warm clothing to help them cope with the colder weather.

Fatima Bouhjar, the coordinator of the Positive Spirit Initiative, expressed that the success of this campaign reinforces good values among community members. The initiative is not just about providing physical comfort but also about fostering a sense of care and community spirit.

Educational Sessions and Activities

Apart from the distribution of clothing, the event also featured educational sessions for the laborers on workers’ rights, as well as raffles, prize-giving, and other activities. These efforts were aimed at promoting and spreading the culture and awareness of safety and security among the laborers.

Collaboration for Community Welfare

This campaign was carried out by Dubai Police’s Positive Spirit Initiative in collaboration with the General Department of Human Rights, Jebel Ali Police Station, the Safety Ambassadors, the Thanks for your Giving team, and the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation.

Dubai Police’s History of Generosity

Dubai Police have a history of engaging in generous initiatives. Earlier, they distributed free car seats to parents as part of a child safety campaign and served over 90,000 iftar meals during Ramadan to deter motorists from flouting rules of the road while rushing to break their fast.

Concluding Thoughts

This campaign by Dubai Police is a commendable effort to not only provide necessary aid to laborers during the winter months but also to educate and integrate them into the broader community fabric of Dubai, reinforcing the values of compassion and solidarity.

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