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Dubai Police Carnival: A Spectacle of Supercars, Parades, and Advanced Tech

DALL·E 2024 01 07 00.33.16 A captivating scene of the grand parade on the final day of the Dubai Police Carnival taking place at City Walk. The parade features an array of poli

Dubai Police are set to dazzle the public with an array of attractions at the Dubai Police Carnival, scheduled from January 4 to 7 at City Walk. The event promises a display of police supercars, a grand parade featuring horses, marching bands, and motorcades, along with showcasing the latest technology in crime fighting.

Highlights of the Carnival

  1. Showcasing Innovation: Attendees will have the opportunity to explore high-tech tools and techniques that represent the future of policing. This will be a unique experience for budding forensic scientists, armchair detectives, and justice enthusiasts​​.
  2. Animal Attractions: Animal lovers can look forward to the Police Dog Show and horsemen parade. The highly trained canine units will demonstrate their agility and specialized skills, adding to the carnival’s excitement​​.
  3. Supercar Showcase: The famous Dubai Police Supercars, known for their speed and style, will be a major attraction. Visitors can admire these vehicles and the skilled police drivers behind their wheels​​.
  4. Grand Parade Finale: The carnival’s final day, January 7, will feature a grand parade starting at 7.30 pm from the Coca-Cola Arena and proceeding through Happiness Street. It will include police horses, supercars, SWAT vehicles, classic cars, VIP protection cars, the futuristic Patrol ‘Ghayath’, and 150 Dubai Police Cadets in a spectacular procession​​.

The Dubai Police Carnival is set to be a vibrant and engaging event for residents and visitors, showcasing the blend of tradition and futuristic policing methods.

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