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Dubai police acknowledge law-abiding cyclists and e-scooter riders

Police seek to foster the safe use of bikes and e-scooters in the emirate.

Police seek to foster the safe use of bikes and e-scooters in the emirate.

Dubai Police recently recognized and awarded several cyclists and e-scooter riders who have demonstrated a strong commitment to adhering to traffic laws. 

This initiative is part of the police force’s ongoing campaign to promote the safe and responsible use of e-scooters and bicycles in the emirate.

Promoting Safe Riding Habits: Certificates and Special Pins

As a part of their efforts to encourage responsible behavior on the roads, Dubai Police honored these riders for their dedication to safety. 

In recognition of their commitment to following traffic rules, these riders were presented with a special pin as a token of appreciation. They were also awarded certificates for using the proper safety equipment, including bike lights and hi-vis jackets.

Enforcement and Recognition: Dubai Police’s Approach

Brig Saif Al Mazroui, the director of Dubai Police’s traffic department, explained that the police organized a team to monitor and identify law-abiding riders. These riders were stopped by officers, who then acknowledged their responsible conduct by presenting them with the special pin and certificate.

This proactive approach by Dubai Police not only helps enforce traffic regulations but also reinforces the importance of safe and responsible riding practices among cyclists and e-scooter riders in the city.

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