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Dubai Parents Express Concerns Over Early School Re-enrolment Notices, Highlighting Financial and Relocation Challenges

Dubai Parents Express Concerns Over Early School Re-enrolment Notices, Highlighting Financial and Relocation Challenges

Dubai parents are voicing concerns over the early issuance of re-enrolment notifications by schools for the upcoming academic year, with some institutions charging re-registration fees of up to Dh4,000 per child. While schools argue that early re-enrolment reminders help manage waiting lists effectively, parents are apprehensive about committing to re-enrolment due to uncertainties regarding their family’s circumstances, particularly potential relocations.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) allows schools to request a non-refundable re-registration deposit to secure a place for the following academic year, capped at five percent of total tuition fees or Dh500, whichever is higher. However, refunds are only granted in extenuating circumstances, such as family relocation or unforeseen events.

Schools emphasize the importance of early re-enrolment to facilitate planning and allocate resources efficiently. Victoria Lumby, a senior official at GEMS Education, underscores that confirming re-enrolment intentions benefits both parents and schools by ensuring classroom allocations and preparations for the upcoming academic year. However, schools assure flexibility, with deposits refunded if families decide to leave the UAE.

Despite strong projections of re-enrolment, parents like Alina Ardelean and Bhavya Rao express reservations about committing to re-enrolment prematurely. Concerns about potential relocations and the financial implications of early re-enrolment fees weigh heavily on parents, especially when considering changing schools due to residential moves.

Gillian Hammond, principal of Repton School Dubai, acknowledges the challenges faced by families during relocation and emphasizes the school’s support in offering fee refunds to families needing to relocate. However, parents remain wary of early re-enrolment deadlines, fearing loss of fees if circumstances change before the start of the academic year.

As parents navigate the decision-making process amid uncertainties, the issue of early re-enrolment raises questions about the balance between school planning and accommodating families’ evolving circumstances. While schools prioritize operational efficiency, parents seek flexibility and assurance regarding fee refunds in case of changes.

In conclusion, the early issuance of re-enrolment notices by Dubai schools prompts concerns among parents regarding financial commitments and potential relocations. While schools emphasize the benefits of early planning, parents advocate for flexibility and transparent refund policies to address uncertainties effectively.

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