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Dubai named top destination in global migration aspirations

Dubai is the number one city people worldwide want to live in.

Dubai is the number one city people worldwide want to live in.

Analysis by Remitly Reveals Dubai as the Most Desired City to Relocate to

Dubai has achieved the prestigious distinction of being the world’s most sought-after city for people looking to relocate, as per an analysis conducted by financial services provider Remitly. 

This recognition is based on a comprehensive assessment of 12 months’ worth of Google search data.

A Clear Leader in Global Migration Aspirations

Dubai emerged as the unequivocal winner in this ranking, solidifying its status as the most desired destination for individuals contemplating a move. The city’s attractiveness and appeal have garnered significant attention on a global scale.

Dubai’s thriving economy, diverse culture, and quality of life are among the factors that have contributed to its status as a preferred destination for those considering international relocation. This recognition reflects the city’s exceptional global standing and its welcoming environment for residents from various backgrounds and walks of life.

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