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Dubai Municipality’s ‘Happiness Vehicle’ Achieves Milestone with 500 Transactions

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Enhancing Citizen Services and Wellbeing through Innovative Outreach

Dubai Municipality’s ‘Happiness Vehicle’ initiative has successfully completed approximately 500 transactions of digital and smart municipal services, directly benefiting citizens at their homes. This achievement underlines the Municipality’s commitment to providing accessible and efficient services to the residents of Dubai. The project reported a steady increase in transactions throughout the year, completing 52 in the first quarter and reaching 133 transactions in the fourth quarter​​.

Manal Bin Yaroof, the Director of the Customer Happiness Department at Dubai Municipality, emphasized the importance of this initiative in enhancing the happiness of Dubai residents, particularly focusing on senior citizens and people of determination. This initiative is part of the Municipality’s broader goal to provide world-class services and improve the overall wellbeing of its citizens​​​​.

The ‘Happiness Vehicle’ project reflects Dubai Municipality’s commitment to social responsibility and aligns with the Government of Dubai’s directives to achieve global leadership by maintaining high standards of excellence. The initiative has streamlined the application process for municipal services, making them easily accessible to citizens in their homes, thereby speeding up and simplifying transaction completion​​​​.

This innovative program offered services across 13 categories, including the issuance and renewal of land maps, requests for copies of approved engineering schemes, completion certificates, applications for residential land allocation, and certifications for construction-related matters. Initially focused on people of determination and senior citizens, the program expanded its service range to accommodate the needs of all residents in the emirate​​​​.

Overall, the ‘Happiness Vehicle’ recorded 109 transactions for senior citizens, 14 for people of determination, and over 347 for other categories. Its geographical reach extended across various parts of Dubai, with transactions also completed in the Hatta area and other rural regions. The initiative enables customers to book services conveniently, further illustrating Dubai Municipality’s dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction and quality of life through innovative and integrated services​​​​.

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