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Dubai Municipality Launches ‘Best Homegrown Produce Competition’ with Dh100,000 Prizes

Dubai Municipality Launches 'Best Homegrown Produce Competition' with Dh100,000 Prizes

Dubai Municipality has unveiled an exciting initiative, the ‘Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce Competition,’ aimed at fostering community engagement and promoting sustainable agriculture practices among citizens and residents. The competition encourages individuals to utilize available spaces for cultivating fruits and vegetables, contributing to self-sufficiency, and enhancing food security in the emirate.

Details of the Competition: The competition, restricted to residential areas, offers a substantial prize pool of Dh100,000, with the top three winners receiving Dh50,000, Dh30,000, and Dh20,000, respectively. Additionally, winners will be honored with the prestigious ‘Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce’ medal, showcasing their achievements in sustainable agriculture.

Objective: Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Awadi, Director of Agriculture Department at Dubai Municipality, emphasized the competition’s alignment with national food security strategies and its pivotal role in promoting local production while reducing food loss and waste. The initiative underscores Dubai’s commitment to environmental sustainability and food security goals.

How to Participate: Interested participants can register via the Dubai Municipality website within a one-month period. The registration process requires personal details, garden location, cultivated items, irrigation methods, and a photograph of the garden. Eligible participants include homeowners with gardens, excluding farmland owners and committee members.

Assessment Criteria: Dubai Municipality has outlined comprehensive assessment criteria focusing on environmental sustainability, resource efficiency, and garden aesthetics. Factors such as organic fertilization, pest control methods, water and electricity consumption, and plant diversity are key considerations. Emphasis is placed on innovative ideas and safety measures within the garden.

Supporting Farmers: Through the Dubai Farms Program, Dubai Municipality aims to provide farmers with essential services and facilities, including agricultural extension services, pest control, competitive prices for supplies, and strategic agricultural planning. The program underscores the municipality’s commitment to supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Conclusion: The ‘Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce Competition’ represents a significant step towards promoting sustainable agriculture and enhancing food security in the emirate. By encouraging community participation and innovation, Dubai Municipality aims to cultivate a culture of self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship among its residents.

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